[Wild Cozy Truth 37] The Lasting Effects of Emotional Abuse with Lacey Rose


Today’s essay is inspired by a recent conversation with my friend who is in the discernment process of becoming a priest in the Episcopal Church. He gave me space to talk through some of my feelings about faith and I’m revisiting the topic for today’s essay. I’m not sure what my own faith is anymore, but I’ve decided to be okay with the unknown.
Then I chat with my friend Lacey Rose about an essay she wrote for my old blog. In her essay and in this interview, she recounts the emotionally abusive relationship she was in as a teenager. She bravely discusses the lasting effects it has had on her, including anxiety, a need for control, and loss of self-worth. Leaving that relationship has brought her the most beautiful life, and we also talk a bit about that, including how she met her husband on MySpace. And if you want a good laugh about my horrible sense of direction, make sure you listen until the end.
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