[Wild Cozy Truth 36] Doing Away with Perfect with Jillian Grover


Today’s episode is all about embracing the nuances of adulthood. Each week, I feature a personal essay about the things on my mind and this week I’ve been thinking about my contribution to this world. As a result, I’ve shared a short riff on legacy. Then, I sit down with my sweet friend Jillian Grover for a wide-reaching conversation about parenthood and the day-to-day of adult responsibilities. Jillian is a blogger at Doing Away With Perfect and a mother of three. We cover topics like how she found out her daughter is gay, raising daughters in this political climate, tough conversations with kids, the importance of a morning routine, having an extrovert child in a family of introverts, and so much more. Enjoy!
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Doing Away With Perfect
@doingawaywithperfect on Instagram
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