Amanda University: You Guys


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Amanda University, lesson no.4 🤓 As of the 1980s, “you guys” has emerged as America’s favorite second-person plural pronoun. It’s handy, it’s cozy, we love to use it, but… it’s not actually as “gender-neutral” as some like to think. Today’s lesson is about why the phrase “you guys” low-key reflects (and reinforces) an unfortunate truth about our culture… plus a few gender-nooch alternatives to say instead, if linguistically smashing the patriarchy sounds like fun to you 🙂

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Amanda Montell is a writer, linguist, and author of the critically acclaimed book Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language, published by HarperCollins in 2019 and available in paperback June 2. Wordslut has been praised by Time Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Kirkus Reviews, Publisher's Weekly, and the New York Times. Amanda lives in Los Angeles where she is currently developing Wordslut for television with FX, while working on her second book, which is about the language of cults. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys learning impractical languages, doting upon her spoiled pets, and volunteering as a crisis counselor for LGBTQ youth.

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