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Amanda University: Karen


  1. Kelly Piette

    So we can all agree that middle aged white women are universally hated? Well fuck me then. I’ve noticed some definite ageist tendencies in the Feminist book club. Here’s one more. Yay.

  2. Kelly Piette

    Just to follow up on my other cranky post here since the Instagram link is down:

    Words do matter. What we call other women does matter. People are bullied for all kinds of reasons – race, religion, height, weight, disability, just being female, and also age. None of it is appropriate for a club that claims to be inclusive.
    A common theme of bullying is “Can’t you take a joke?” “Words aren’t harmful. You can’t PROVE I harmed you.” “Oh lighten up.” It’s still bullying.
    And just because some people are complicit in their victimization doesn’t mean it’s OK.
    Not so long ago you issued major apologies for “Fatty Sundays”. I am an actual fat person and I wasn’t hurt by that name. But I realized when people pointed out the fat shaming involved, and when other people WERE hurt, that it was unacceptable.
    You don’t fight racism by targeting another marginalized group.
    In fact, the whole Karen thing was started by WHITE males to tell women, especially older women, that they should SHUT UP.
    It has only recently been used to call out racists. And it doesn’t call out white MALE supremacy.
    Some of the “Karen” memes even ridicule women who are obviously mentally ill. Uncool.
    We can pursue our anti-racist, anti-ableism, pro-woman and pro-diversity goals with more positive language and actions.
    Really, who am I kidding – I almost forgot that I don’t give a crap about memes and internet BS anyway! ! But I do care about anti-woman rhetoric in a feminist group.

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